Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.


What are the differences between WORKtest and questionnaires and other standard tests?

WORKtest is the only system of its kind and scope and its methods surpass other diagnostic systems. Designed by our team of developers and expert psychologists that had the opportunity to use and assess various questionnaires and tests directly in practice. Therefore we can rightly assess the effectiveness of different assessment methods and then distinguish WORKtest from these other methods. The whole development of WORKtest psychodiagnostic software from the beginning of 2002 was conceived exclusively in the area of ​​occupational psychology and is intended to be used exclusively in the field of HR and HR practices as an effective replacement to existing questionnaire forms on the world market. Never in the past or present has such an integrated system been developed therefore making WORKtest unique.

Competitive advantages of WORKtest ®

Psychodiagnostic eligibility, ISO, practical use

  • WORKtest is the result of 20 years of work and practice of psychologists, managers and experts in the field of human resources in the Czech Republic and USA
  • Our company provides its services in a professional manner, never in an amateur way as performed by some agencies
  • WORKtest and its services meet quality standards ISO 9001:2001

Speed, objectivity, predicative value

  • get a complete picture of the review, with a clear, understandable and unambiguous assessment, and results listed in %
  • the system is fully online and you receive the results immediately after completing the test

Accuracy, validity, reliability

  • accuracy and validity is guaranteed at over 85%, thus far higher than other assessment methods which reach a maximum of 50-70% accuracy
  • thanks to the unique methodology, reliability over time is not affected by test familiarity and deviation from the ideal is minimal

Evaluate entire human resources

  • the only system to evaluate a whole portfolio of human resources
  • the only system to detect the real risks and limitations of humans (e.g. embezzlement, information leaks, fraud, mobbing, corruption, bribery, theft, espionage, sabotage, etc.)
  • competitive systems (i.e. questionnaires, tests) only evaluate the behavior and characteristics of a person and then estimate how these are qualities reflected in their work

Imperviousness of the tested person

  • thanks to its unique testing methodology, the results cannot be volitionally influenced or distorted
  • the results cannot be influenced by rational thought processes or speculation, as is in the case of standard tests and questionnaires!

Real effects for its users

  • get an objective view of yourself or your staff
  • the user clearly sees what are their personal and professional qualities and, likewise, where lie their weaknesses that need to be appropriately addressed by personal development
  • you will know exactly how to motivate your employees, how to build a really strong team, who in the company to delegate to newly established positions, what personnel you have in reserve, and who only sleep on their laurels
  • streamline not only the performance of your employees, but above all management processes, and much more...

Maximum adaptation to your requirements (market demand)

  • only pay for what you want, you do not pay for any license
  • The system is organized as a series of components, individual results are independent of each other, although the information is carried on to further tests
  • we are the creators of the system, therefore we are able to improve on evaluations of your newly obtained information regarding human resources

Saves on time, money and wasted effort

  • save time, money and the effort of all users (e.g., parents of students who choose the proper academic and professional orientation without unnecessary repetition of grades or inappropriate changes of schools)
  • firms reduce costs associated with HR streamlining activities (recruitment, fair system of remuneration, exit of unviable employees...), management activities (improvement of management practice, feedback, motivating employees)

Indicates the right direction

  • where an individual should aim, his professional focus, what is the most appropriate form study to gain a competitive advantage and improve personal know-how
  • where a company should aim, an objective view of the current situation will stabilize personnel and set up targeted development processes that not only increase the efficiency of the company and its performance, but also its competitiveness on today’s market, something which many companies lack

Nobody will make important decisions for you, but thanks to the WORKtest ® system you will know what to decide.

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