Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.

For professional drivers

We have prepared testing of the mental fitness of professional drivers. Such testing is in accordance with applicable law § 87a of the Act No. 411/2005 Coll. as amended and fully replaces the complex and lengthy testing by a psychologist, which lasts several hours and the driver is subjected to test battery and answer questions on a purely private nature.

Psychological examination of professional drivers is mandatory for drivers of buses and trucks over 7.5 tons. Groups driving license C, C + E, C1 + E, D, D + E, D1 and D1 + E.

Psychological tests are required before commencement of career, then before reaching age 50 and then after every five years.

Benefits of the driving eligibility test thanks to WORKtest

No need to wait for results - the whole testing process is fully automated, so you have the results immediately after entering the completed test.

Timesaving and flexible

High quality - test has high validity of the results, which exceed 85%. With automated methodology to ensure a maximum objectivity of results.

High quality results - within the fixed price each driver will receive a certificate of professional competence. If interested, you can also ask for an extended evaluation containing graphs, where it’s possible to see concrete results in 6 main levels containing 45 items that are directly related to the work of professions. The rating scale provides a range of evaluation criteria - our special psychological tests for professional drivers and drivers have assembled a range of evaluations to measure the entire portfolio of behavior and conduct of professional drivers, including moral-character traits, mental and emotional stability, risk behavior in traffic situations including stress management and the ability to react in traffic situations, Perception, and adequate processing of stimuli, reaction and physical abilities and mental condition, including resistance and response to traffic accidents and conflicts in traffic situations.

Professionally equipped workplace - Tests are supervised by psychologists including evaluations. Individual work, waiting room and interview room are separate.

RECOMMENDATION - tests for professional drivers are recommended for drivers of company vehicles. To protect your investment and to find out how your employees travel with your car, whether safely or not.

How and under what conditions can the test be taken?

  • From your own account on the system - you can ORDER your own approach to the evaluation of driving competence in WORKtest system, under the assumption that it will be present with your workplace psychologist who will be responsible for the proper conduct of testing, which will then take place in accordance with the binding rules. Testing can therefore take place in the workplace, and you can always test your drivers on mass.
  • In our offices - we test drivers directly at our specially created workplace that meets the legal requirements. Once tested the driver receives a certificate of eligibility.

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