• Complex system –

    psychological tests

    for measuring and managing of human capital..
  • Executive HR software that selects and evaluates your employees.
  • Evaluation and measurement of performance, competences, motivation and employee perspectives.
  • WORKtest is HR software, psychodiagnostics a and assessment in one.

HR software and tools
For professionals

  • Recruitment
  • Assessment and Development
  • Employee performance testing
  • Professional driver testing
  • Penalized drivers testing
  • Inscrutability tests
  • Engineering Human Resources
  • Training, development and coaching
  • Jobs and catalogues – creation
  • Competency models of positions and performance
  • Personnel audits and Benchmarking
  • SWOT analysis
  • Outsourcing – complex solution
  • Outplacement

What can the psychodiagnostic tool WORKtest actually do?

  • Evaluate the professional competence and potential of employees
  • Evaluate job satisfaction and motivation of employees
  • Measure the reliability and performance of employees
  • Selects the most suitable candidates for your company
  • Safeguards the entire process of recruitment
  • Tests competence and suitability for the position
  • Performs audits of performance and personality
  • Tests tendencies to risk take and be dishonest
  • Builds working teams
  • Profiles an individual's personality
  • Creates development and training plans
  • Manages, evaluates and measures comprehensive human resources
  • Is an effective Outplacement solution



Professional on-line software selection to aid in the recruitment of staff. It’s unique in making the entire recruitment process easier and more time efficient. It allows you to choose the best candidates and bring out their real abilities and skills. More info


Articles and studies

There are various topics in the field of human resources and the development of individuals that concern the expansion in the horizons of human capital and its use in professional life.
More info

Psychotests online

WORKtest is a HR psychodiagnostic software tool and for the new generation
Who is it for?

  • Recruiters and HR managers, company owners, directors and business owners involved in the processes of selection, development and outplacement of employees
  • All employers, managers and team leaders, who want to exploit and enhance the potential of its employees with the highest possible level of efficiency
  • Commercial companies, looking to increase productivity and the performance of their business teams
  • Recruitment and employment agencies, consultants, consulting firms and psychologists
  • Security agencies and the armed forces
  • State and local government
  • Integrated Rescue Systems
  • Drivers and penalized drivers, assessments of professional competence for professional drivers
  • Politic bodies
  • Employment Offices
  • Handicapped citizens, who want to be part of the workforce or business environment
  • For those seeking a professional life, who want to grow professionally and to take their careers in the right direction, or find an equivalent school or language study.

Professionals choose WORKtest psychodiagnostic software to select, profile and measure the performance of their employees, revealing the best minds in the given company and protecting their investment.

Psychological assessment as a key to success

A unique on-line system for the complete psychodiagnostic evaluation of work performance. WORKtest accurately measures and evaluates the professional and personal qualities of individuals and teams. The psychometrics of WORKtest are not survey-based, but instead rely on a highly sophisticated psycho methodology that allows the measuring of the complexity of human beings and human resources. WORKtest offers measurement and evaluations of up to 300 different criteria – scales and over 2,000 jobs. Batteries of tests do not meet these targets at all.

Choosing a career - unique psychological tests to aid your career

The unique psychological system aids your choice of profession. WORKtest handles career management and opens the way to success. Advance your career in the field that is best suited to you. The entire online psychodiagnostic system excels in accurately measuring an individual's potential for a specific position on the labor market. Evaluate your performance, abilities and skills to a maximum extent. Validity of output exceeds 90%.

CV and motivational letters

All site visitors can look at a sample CV and cover letter. You can be sure that what is written on a well-structured resume gains a competitive advantage kin the job market. More information can be found here.

Inscrutability tests and venture negotiations

WORKtest is the only psychodiagnostic testing system that measures a person's inscrutability. Actively fight against this phenomenon today, as we are. We also offer testing of venture negotiations, which is appreciated by all employers.


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