Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.


This is the first online psychodiagnostic software developed specifically for the job market and occupational psychology, which is used to measure and evaluate the performance and behavior of people in work. 

It focuses on the measurement, evaluation and benchmarking of moral, intellectual, interpersonal, competence, stress, thought, venture, business and motivational capital of individuals.

The development of the psychodiagnostic WORKtest began in 2003, was conceived and developed in the fields of ​​occupational psychology and HR management, HR and on the job markets and includes highly comprehensive performance measurement concepts of human resources, including specific risk factors.

  • It possesses no predictive character as is the case with most surveys and tests, and also is not based on self-reporting, but instead directly measures and evaluates clearly pre-defined criteria (which amount to about 300) and ratings with significant accuracy measured in percentage and time.
  • It is unique because of its method of measurement and evaluation, and thus differs from standard questionnaires, tests and test batteries to be found on the market. It deals with the objective measurement of human potential at a maximum range of skill and ability.
  • The accuracy of the WORKtest system, according to the latest, extensive validation studies, meets standardization for Europe of 0.92. The maximum is 1. This means that results have a very high accuracy and can be used as key criteria for decision-making – something that standard tests or questionnaires cannot.
  • The WORKtest system is complemented by a standard catalogue of corporate jobs, which now numbers about 2,000 positions to which constant additions are made.
  • It is the only psychometric software on the labor market able to measure the suitability of a particular job, assess each candidate’s potential, recruit and select individuals for a specific position whilst including all the tender processes – more at:  www.irecruitment.cz
  • Results are highly professionalized and above all clear, containing a straightforward description of the evaluation criteria, including graphs generated in PDF reports. The clearly defined items are understandable to laymen, and their descriptions fully reflect the language and communication of work psychology.
  • WORKtest is the only psychodiagnostic system that focuses on the safety and security of human capital and is unique in the way it focuses on large and specific risk factors that reflect contemporary human behavior at work.
  • It is flexible and therefore meets the specific requirements of every company.
  • The use of this test method is practical, simple, fast and above all effective. Available immediately 365 days a year at any hour.
  • It possesses an unlimited number of current candidates or employees. It allows you to compare different groups of people, as needed.
  • It is the first system to be used to measure the professional competence of professional drivers and penalized drivers.
  • The system complies fully with corporate identity and processes.
  • No need to buy software or hardware, the system works on-line, with access from any computer. A pencil-paper system can be used for some groups.
  • WORKtest can also earn you money. Given its scale and accuracy it can be financially advantageous and bring about extensive cost savings. Invested funds are immediately returned.

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