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HR psychology

HR psychology is a form of training workshops that will relate to psychology, which can be used in any corporate work with people.

For our clients, we have prepared a special series of interactive problem-solving workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to provide a comprehensive framework for information from the HR field of psychology, management and human resources management, and these relate to practice.

Workshops are suitable for:

  • HR
  • HR managers and specialists
  • all those who manage and work with people and need to make sense of their behavior and reactions to suggestions
  • all those who are actively interested in the issue of human resources and its effective use and management and want to develop in this field to become specialists

What we will cover:

  • What is HR psychology and what is the difference between psychology personality
  • how objectively, reliably and usefully can employees be evaluated
  • when an individual is able to implement the acquired knowledge into practice and when not
  • for what use are job descriptions and the competency model
  • advice and procedures to effectively build competency models, job description and preparation of development plans
  • What good psychological diagnosis employees should possess and what are the options on the market 
  • how to choose the correct psychological diagnosis for your employees or candidates in competitions 
  • how to plan talent management positions substitutability 
  • whom to lay off and make similar decisions
  • how to work with individual risk factors and risks of high importance and affect the company's results 
  • how to identify intrinsic motivation and employee motivation and how to lead motivational negotiation
  • how to run diagnostic tests

What can you expect at our workshops?

  • Expanding horizons in the field of human resources and new and valuable information that can be used in practice
  • sessions conducted by an experienced psychologist, manager and coach in one person, Mgr. Eva Urbanova specializing in psychology, HR, human resources and the development of human potential
  • high level of expertise and experience
  • Individual and interactive approach in small groups (5 to max 10 participants)
  • answering to your questions and ambiguities in the field of HR
  • addressing specific situations and problems from practice
  • joint discussions
  • we do not focus on the general training information that can be read in standard literature, but with a knowledge of HR psychology and human resources, where we draw on years of experience in the industry and the knowledge acquired by the system WORKtest.

Workshops are only in Czech language.


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