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Inscrutability test

Bribery and corruption is a phenomenon of our time. This topic is now discussed across the political spectrum and within public administration, but even the private sector is no exception. Now, after lengthy development, we have the opportunity to present and offer you our INSCRUITABILITY TEST, via WORKtest and its special module focusing directly on this issue.

What is the exact definition of corruption?

It is a thoughtful and targeted action performed by qualified persons for the purpose of obtaining unearned and, according to the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic, illicit personal gain.

Inscrutability tests are designed for organizations that are committed to transparency, including:

  • Political parties
  • State Ad,omostratopm
  • Autonomy
  • Private Sector- Firms 

What is offered and what can be expected from an inscrutability test:

  • This test is not a form, it is a specific psychometric test  in which you can not intentionally distort the results
  • Results of the test are available immediately on completion since the system is on-line
  • According to the graphical representation of the results it is immediately clear   whether the individual is liable to corrupt conduct , to what extent, and to how this will be approached
  • Results are clear and understandable to everyone , so there is no need to consult a psychologist
  • Due to unique methods, output validity exceeds 90% , the test is a relevant instrument for the assessment of behavior in individuals
  • Investments in inscrutability tests will pay off in all spheres and offers a wide range of options as to how to utilize the information obtained

Further information can be provided during personal meetings, when examples of the test and its results can also be presented.

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