Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.


Our customers – chosen references

Customers of the psychodiagnostic system WORKtest are from a variety of companies and institutions, profit and non-profit organizations. Given the diversity of such firms and so as to give a broad portfolio of psychodiagnostic WORKtest references, we have chosen just some of them. Some companies are also our partner clients.

Harsco Metals Slovakia s.r.o, Manager of Human Resources

We are a global company which believes in the key values of integrity and ethical principle in business and we have the very best employees, regardless of their position.

WORKtest, amongst other services, offered us detailed models of the various positions in our company. There was also a very refreshing product - the hard security test. This is a very objective assessment of possible employees’ predispositions for embezzlement, distortion of information, fraud, corruption or theft. The tests can help you quickly, objectively and reliably to eliminate risky candidates who could in the future cause a problem precisely because of these shortcomings.

EUROVIA Inc., HR Director

WORKtest psychodiagnostic system provides many aspects of assessment relating directly to the job requirements. We like the graphic design and its ability to compare multiple candidates instantly. Testing is in a short time compared with the commonly used methods in standard development centers.

Asseco Solutions Inc., HR Director

We most appreciate WORKtest’s special evaluation methodology, which prevents stylized evaluations and reveals real employment opportunities for candidates. Also pleasing are the immediate availability of results after the tests are completed. WORKtest use is multifaceted. WORKtest is also our partner, please see more at: www.e-personalistika.cz

Plzeňská Energy Inc., HR Director

We most appreciate WORKtest’s adaptability to our conditions, where we can set ourselves templates for assessment and competency models to suit our needs. Shortages of a universal type rating can be provided for all clients and compiled for our own needs.

AAA AUTO SpA, Training and Development Manager

WORKtest has become a regular part of our recruitment process for the positions where we depend on a deeper understanding of the risk factors and the moral tendencies of our candidates that commonly implemented assessment centers are unable to detect. Information from WORKtest helps us far more than such centers as it is hugely more reliable. In terms of our long-term experience of, we can confirm that what impresses us about the WORKtest system will sooner or later be confirmed. We have been using this psychodiagnostic system for several years and I am satisfied.

TRW Automotive, s.r.o, HR Director

WORKtest system allows us to better identify candidates for the position. We have very positive experiences, during interviews the candidate seemed different than what the results indicated until further diagnosis revealed the applicant’s exact worth. Based on WORKtest we were able to select the best candidates.

Waste management AVE CZ s.r.o, HR Director

Through the comprehensive and detailed evaluations of the WORKtest system, we were better able to recognize the potential of our employees and their shortcomings. We understood the reasons for their behavior and actions, and started to gently steer them in a more suitable direction. The technical consultations with specialists of the employees of WORKtest provided valuable self-knowledge, motivation for further work and a desire to unshackle the constraints that they face.

Harsco Infrastructure CZ s.r.o, HR Manager for Central and Eastern Europe

We eliminated the loss of time in the tender process by the information we had available, and what was being measured. Thus, we are able to make faster decisions, allowing us to use the acquired time for the really important things. In addition, we used the tests on our engineers to identify their degree of responsibility for safety and behavior in risky environments. WORKtest complemented our company’s handling of the evaluation criteria required for industrial safety, which have contributed significantly to measure our compliance with safety guidelines in the workplace. The complexity of the system of WORKtest is unbeatable and the most effective on the world market. We also used its processes for mapping potential fraudulent behavior in our firm which further clearly confirmed our assumptions. Last but not least, we also used the system in our business division and found the business and sales potential of our employees on which we have then focused specifically to improve performance. We greatly appreciate WORKtest’s superior accuracy.

V Invest CZ Inc., co-owner of the company

The WORKtest system allowed us to measure the potential of all our employees. Thanks to this, we found the direction that people in the company develop and where they are heading. We took key positions and increased the efficiency of our staff’s performance, because we now have the right minds in the right places. Overall, we have therefore streamlined business processes, saving time and money in the recruiting process, then we occupied the vacant positions using own resources and, above all, we set a HR strategy for the future. WORKtest suits long-term use, and for many years this has been proven to us. Its accuracy is high!

ICV-owner and Executive Director of the Institute of Certified Education

Cooperation with WORKtest has proven itself in many ways, because the system has very wide applications and focuses on the potential of the individual and on their actual development. WORKtest is an effective educational system as it operates on a large scale with individuals and teams and accurately diagnoses needs and areas for development. We welcome in particular the service Benchmarking, Assessment and Cross Development, where one of the services offered generates training plans, coaching and development so we can, according to actual needs, design the optimal training and development groups and compare learning outcomes over time. With WORKtest we can operate with our partners in education and therefore recommend this system as being very effective. We would recommend WORKtest to all companies, not only to assess educational needs, but also as a main screening tool for employees. It helps us to know with whom we work, who has the qualities to create and who may be of risk to the company. My personal experience has warned me against taking major risks and that is clearly confirmed.

ESA ltd, HR Director

We like the flexibility of the system when everyone can create competency model as needed for the positions. WORKtest’s advantage is its speed of completion and processing of the results. We appreciate the fact that within a very short period of time, we receive comprehensive information about the candidates, as well as our own current staff. This particularly saves us a lot of time and money selecting drivers. Tests are at affordable prices. This diagnostic is recommended for those who want to know the real profiles of candidates and not stylized answers to questionnaires.

FIRO-tour Inc., Personnel Manager

The project is part of a staff stabilization process as set outputs obtain a maximum unveiling and understanding of the human resources at our disposal and the high efficiency of the HR processes motivate employees to higher job performance. It provides solutions for the future of our human resources work. Results are very accurate and are an important strategy for creating personal business.

AMPeng Ltd., Managing Director

I have used the WORKtest psychodiagnostic system for many years, basically since its inception. The company has years of experience with it and I can confirm its effectiveness over a period of the last 9 years. Through WORKtest we are a stable company and we have the best experts in the field without staff fluctuation. WORKtest helped me build the strong and stable company that I have.

Other clients who currently use the WORKtest psychodiagnostic system are, for example:

ALINVEST, as AUTO - Staiger CZ, as the Law Society, Recruitment agencies, consultancies, Barriers Account, engineering companies and many other references... soon.

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