Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.

Price list, payment and registration

Dear customers and users of the psychodiagnostic service company, WORKtest Ltd. You can utilize our services in the following ways:

  • purchasing remote access, one-off tests- after completion of the test and its requirements, results will be sent by e-mail
  • personal psychodiagnostic consultation
  • personal account system -where you set up your own account, which contains all the required services and modules. Technical support is included in the cost by means of a single payment, which further includes training in system administration, automatic upgrades, user support via telephone and ad-hoc consultation results presented over the phone in 15 minutes time by a consultant.

To begin WORKtest you need to select the desired test, or service and then place an order, which also serves as registration.

  • Based on the order, the system will generate an initial invoice which, after payment, will allow you access to a logon password.
  • The system is modular, so you yourself can choose and combine the areas in which you are interested and into which you would like to invest. Therefore you order exactly what you want and pay only for what you actually need. You pay for output, not for the person tested.

Our expert advisors will be happy to advise and recommend the best for you and give you further details regarding the content of individual modules or the services that the system provides WORKtest. Tel: 777 022 543, e-mail: wt@worktest.cz.

Methods of payment

  • directly at the main office WORKtest, s.r.o., Štěrboholská 102a, budova B, 102 00 Praha 10 (areal GTL). Prague public transport: Bus 183, 181- stop: Kablo, or bus 271, 111- stop: Myšlínská.
  • on-line banking based on the generated invoice, or sent to us with the invoice number and amount
  • a check or postal order, of which, once payment has been made, should be sent to us by fax: +420 271 751 699, or to WORKtest Ltd., Štěrboholská 102a, 102 00, Prague 10 - Hostivař, or a scanned copy of the payment can be sent by email to: wt@worktest.cz Once received an invoice will be sent to your address.

Bank account numbers

WORKtest, s.r.o
4573117001/5500 (Raiffeisenbank a.s.)

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