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Psychological Counseling - Psychologist 4U

Part of our professional work is to also help those of you who currently need to solve their problems with on a personal basis i.e. with a partner, parent, or colleague. And even if you are not actively trying to work on this yourself, and improvements are not coming quickly or with time, the problem will return, or you get into a blind alley and you do not know where to go.
Our work is based on high standard as is the expertise of our psychologists and psychotherapists. In our work, we use a number of special techniques and our therapists have many years of experience how to help you.

We diagnose and treat:

  • fatigue syndrome and burnout
  • rapid return to an active life, working without blocks, fear, complexes, worries, anxiety, and other negative feelings(regret, anger, sadness, feeling of loneliness, non-love, vanity). In addition, we will help to solve relationships, jealousy, depression, anorexia, bulimia.
  • work with the psyche, balancing energy centers (mental, emotional and physical energy).
  • diagnosis of the causes and consequences of energizing the organism by specific methods, the elimination of somatic causes stemming from burnout, stress or lack of energy, etc. The release of internal stress, increase resistance to stress, a feeling of calm and serenity, harmony, etc.
  • career counseling for individuals and children. Click here to learn and find out, what medium, professional, apprenticeship, or university, MBA, studying the languages and how to learn, as well as a plan to study effectively at school, meeting development needs, etc.
  • relationship and marital problems, including sexual orientation.
  • counseling and therapy for managers, owners and directors of companies - all inclusive.
  • individual counseling

Individual consultations

Mgr. Eva Urbanová, educated at VUT, then read law and psychology at MU Brno. 20 years managerial experience, 15 years in psychology.

  • Eva is a highly experienced expert on people and their psyche, and related causes and consequences. She’s able to quickly identify the causes and contexts of problems that people often are not able to realize on their own. She analyzes the situation and proposes operational solutions providing immediate assistance that enables people to lead rapid recoveries. Eva is in other words a surgeon in psychology, able to get you quickly on your feet. She focuses among other things on relationships, marital infidelity, communication breakdowns, etc. She understands and listens so as to find the causes and context of problems and them she comprehensively and objectively explains them. This renews people’s determination, creates positive thinking, increases the appetite to continue to work and aims to provide the desired harmony and success. Eva leads you to the right path and guides you to your destination, and restores your confidence, even if the client is at rock-bottom.
  • She is an entrepreneur and therefore the most dedicated of managers. Understand and solve the different causes of failure, fear, burnout, demotivation, and debacles of business and personal life.
    Contact: ed@worktest.cz. 777 022 543.

Mgr. Jana Žďárská, read psychology at the Faculty of Arts in Brno. Practicing in psychology since 2007.

read psychology at the Faculty of Arts in Brno. Practicing in psychology since 2007.

  • Jana is a solutions orientated therapist. Her approach allows the solving of situations without a detailed examination of the problems. It is based on a what-to-do-next approach and suggests that it’s not the problems themselves that require critical attention. The solution can be many times simpler than the actual problem. Among other things the advantage of this therapy is its short time demands. One of her approaches is Erickson Hypnotherapy (designed by Milton H. Erickson), which consists of creatively improvising with what clients offer through their behavior and experience. This approach allows a much freer therapy directed towards resolution which in turn mobilizes hidden internal strengths, which can then present answers to various problems. Jana is in other words a problem-solver who focuses on addiction, depression, stress and neurotic states, compulsive acts, eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), sleep disturbances, and others. Like Eva she addresses personal problems, partner, family, relationships and work.
    Contact: jz@worktest.cz, 777 229 975

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