Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.



For those companies that do not want to waste time or not for this activity qualified employees, we provide comprehensive services related to the selection and development of employees:

  • Create precise job descriptions with all the terms of reference, powers, and responsibilities with regard to the specific requirements of your company
  • We issue the best form of advertising relating to your required position
  • Candidates are examined by psychodiagnostic software WORKtest
  • Precisely find potential employees (growth opportunities, abilities, skills, motivation, performance requirements, but also potential risks involved, and measure their suitability for a particular position, allowing only relevant information to establish a system WORKtest ®
  • We provide personal interviews and recommend the most suitable candidates for the position together with a detailed analysis of their strengths and possible limitations
  • Determine and place employees in their best position for development

With this technology, we have eliminated fluctuations to a minimum!

Smart Recruitment

“Hiring staff is no longer a step into the dark“

  • You can now yourself effectively choose the best employees
  • You will have private access to the system
  • You can comprehensively manage the entire recruitment process
  • You will know exactly where your future employee fits into the team, how they can properly represent your company, what performance you can expect from them or where the ceiling of their abilities and capabilities lies
  • You can accurately measure the suitability of candidates for a particular job, or compare them with each other in tables
  • Save on costs associated with consuming, expensive and ineffective assessment centers, or for more multiple salaries from employment agencies

More information at: www.irecruitment.cz

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