Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.

Who are we

WORKtest, Ltd. was established in 2009 as a division of AMPeng, s.r.o and has operated in the Czech market since 2003 in the specific field of engineering human resources (ILZ) combining working psychological assessment and comprehensive services in the field of HR potential personality for corporate practice.

Under the leadership of Mgr. Eva Urbanova, author and expert on employment psychological assessment and management of human resources, a software program for WORKtest HR has been developing since 2003 to address the needs of working psychological assessment. Throughout this development various empirical benchmarking and validation studies and implementation of software in the corporate environment has been conducted. Thus a first online psychodiagnostic software, system and tool, primarily designed for personnel management of human resources.

  • The greatest success is the development of psychodiagnostic software fully developed from its beginning to meet the conditions of the EU and is fully standardized to follow the current trends in human behavior and reflect the highest demands on job performance and job title. System development was funded from its own resources without the participation of European subsidies and at the same time from the beginning implemented into business practices as to make it most adapted to its users.
  • A methodological psychometric system uses the key elements of psych geometry which does not allow individual styling, therefore achieving an objectivity of 99.8%. According to a recent, large-scale validation study in December 2011, it reached 91.02% precision, as opposed to survey techniques which currently reach up to 60-65%. In publications the accuracy lies above 85%. Validation is performed on the individual assessment items and scales and outputs can be used as a key factor in decision-making. Standardization is performed on individual positions and fields.
  • The system of psychological WORKtest accurately measures and weighs up to 300 different requirements (performance, behavior, stress, morale, motivation and risk factors of an individual) and over 2,000 specific job positions.

We are a company offering solutions with a focus on the intellectual capital of professional employees from a maximum range of professions, associated with their development and emphasis on eliminating risk capital.

Our work, methods and approach are of a highly professional standard.

We focus on the individual needs and expectations of the client; we offer solutions and outcomes that are based on many years of experience in the field.

Company philosophy:

The philosophy of our company is to provide only quality services with maximum degree of knowledge achieved in the offered fields.

Our values:

Our work is based on three core values, which are proven in practice and bring efficiency, time and cost savings:

  • Key factors for working with human resources to determine the knowledge, intellect and venture capital, which is a part of every personality.
  • We work with complex human resources that effectively measure, evaluate and develop. To work with human capital we use powerful online psychodiagnostic software WORKtest ®, through which it is not possible to falsify or influence the results.
  • We start from the expectations and needs of the company and head to their destination via sophisticated methods.

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