Exclusive psychodiagnostic tool thanks to a unique method of measuring real skills and abilities of individuals.

Measuring and evaluating the psychometric and psychodiagnostic WORKTEST SYSTEM IN BUSINESS PRACTICE

  • Measured by a maximum range of evaluation criteria, including the risk of individual personality in negotiations and Aggregate Auditing.
    • The evaluation system contains 300 different assessment items that are interconnected by sections and audits, the results of the evaluation complement themselves. Everything is clearly elaborated in charts and measured in a percentage and includes normal performance standards as an indicator.
      • Interpersonal SKILLS - evaluates 35 items
      • Motivation - ADULT - evaluates 36 items
      • RISK BEHAVIOR-UNDER PERFORMANCE - LIMITS AND RISKS - evaluates 32 items + 25
      • Mental stability, stress management, self-control - evaluates 22 items
      • STYLES OF THINKING, CREATIVITY, STRENGTHS - evaluates 23 items
      • BUSINESS AND SALES SKILLS - evaluates 32 items
      • PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS, industrial safety - evaluates 34 items
      • TESTS FOR DRIVERS- evaluates 44 items
    • evaluations of individual items are put together to meet the needs of the market and precisely define the specifics of human resources, job performance and behavior. The evaluation items include a description along with comments that are factually and professionally defined for practical use, and are worded in understandable language.
    • the system works with precise, factual terminology, and presents clear and unmistakable results measured in percentage (%).
    • Develop plans for training and development, where an individual or group finds out which skills are necessary to be developed, coached and improved, and which to eliminate.
  • Compiles competency and performance models, which measure performance
  • Compiles and creates catalogues of positions, and subsequently measures suitability for these jobs
  • Focuses on Sociomaps of the workplace and the role of the team, with subsequent measurements of individuals
  • Testing of drivers of motor vehicles, professional drivers, penalized drivers and drivers of corporate vehicles.
  • Catalogue of corporate positions. The WORKtest system contains the largest catalogue of corporate positions where you can find the potential and suitability of a particular person (in a company) or for a standard (according to labor market demand) position.

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